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Tinder founders sue parent companies Match and IAC for at least $2B

A group of Tinder founders and executives has filed a lawsuit against parent company Match Group and its controlling shareholder IAC. The plaintiffs in the suit include Tinder co-founders Sean Rad, Justin Mateen and Jonathan Badeen — Badeen still works at Tinder, as do plaintiffs James Kim (the company’s vice president of finance) and Rosette […]

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गुगलका कर्मचारीले अझै एक वर्षसम्म घरबाटै काम गर्ने

विश्वमा व्याप्त कोरोना भाइरस महामारीका कारण धेरै ठूला कम्पनीहरुले आफ्ना कर्मचारीहरुलाई घरबाटै काम गर्नसक्ने व्यवस्था गरिरहेका छन् । गुगल, फेसबुक, ट्विटर, एप्पल, माइक्रोसफ्ट जस्ता विश्वका सबैभन्दा ठूला प्रविधि कम्पनीका अधिकांस कर्मचारीहरुले लामो समयदेखि घरबाटै काम गरिरहेका छन् । महामारी मथ्थर भएर कर्मचारीहरु कहिलेदेखि नियमित कामका लागि कार्यालयमा फर्किने हो भन्ने अनिश्चित भैरहेको बेला गुगलले एक […]

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Microsoft Gives Productivity Tools More AI Chops

Microsoft on Wednesday announced new artificial intelligence features and functionality for several of its flagship products and services, including Office 365, Cortana and Bing, at an event in San Francisco. Harry Shum, EVP of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research, demonstrated some of the new capabilities Building on the progress the company has made in integrating […]

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Ubuntu Budgie Whistles Up a Better Remix

If you have yet to try the developing Budgie desktop, the latest release of Ubuntu Budgie is a perfect opportunity to experience a classy and user-friendly computing platform. Budgie is one of the first home-grown Linux distros to release its latest version based on Ubuntu 18.04. The independent developer announced Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 last week, […]